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  • Oro Valley Village Center

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    A Place to Connect, Relax, and Enjoy Life
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  • Retail

    Adding Value and Improving Quality of Life for the Community

The Oro Valley Village Center is designed to be a vibrant destination
where residents and visitors can gather to work, play, shop, live and stay
while enjoying the unique beauty of Oro Valley.


Our shopping preferences have changed. Research shows 78% of shoppers shop online without going to traditional brick and mortar stores. However, we continue to go out into our communities for connection and entertainment. To be successful, large retail areas must include a variety of new and different uses for the community to enjoy.

The new Oro Valley Village Center will offer a destination entertainment center, retail, dining, and more. Adding residential and hotel components will provide additional visitors and residents within a walkable environment to create a new, vibrant, Urban Village environment.


Oro Valley Village Center is strategically located near many existing public and private facilities, including many new developments to the north. It is located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Tangerine Road and Oracle Road, and just south of the many new developments at the Oro Valley Innovation Center.


Oro Valley Village Center is designed to revitalize the existing area and provide financial benefits to the Oro Valley community through increased taxes (sales, bed and construction), expanded job opportunities and increased tourism.

Recreation, housing, dining, wellness services and hospitality will be offered at the new Village providing opportunities for young professionals, retirees, families and visitors to come together and connect as a community. This holistic approach has proven to bring long-term success to similar visionary projects.

Oro Valley Village aligns with Oro Valley’s Strategic Leadership Plan, and voter-approved General Plan by implementing strategies to attract retail and restaurant investment and increasing sustainable tourism investment.


Committed to being good stewards of this land, Oro Valley Village Center will be a quality development, created in context and with sensitivity to the unique landscape, environment and views.
  • A center park will provide shade, green space, and water harvesting.
  • A walking path will lead visitors to a waterfall utilizing recycled water and celebrate the natural beauty of the area.
  • A splash pad for children and a sand beach area with shade structures will be included.
  • Apartments will be added to take advantage of views, but sensitive to viewscapes.
  • Easy access points to The Loop for bicyclists, joggers, walkers, birders and equestrians.
  • Public art reflective of the environment will be integrated into the Village.


Oro Valley Village Center will include quality multi-family housing for working professionals, families and retirees offering residents and visitors a walkable, bike-friendly world that is:
  • Close to work
  • Close to activities and exercise
  • Close to entertainment, restaurants and shopping


We are committed to continuing the community gatherings such as the farmers market, car and art shows, Christmas tree lighting, ice skating and more. An event space will be constructed along with a wading pool, interactive fountains, areas for social and cultural experiences and exhibition space for events like The Gem Show, art exhibits, The Koi Show, Auto Shows, as well as local, regional and national resturaunts and gathering places.