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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the current height permitted and constructed on-site and what are you requesting?
The current permitted height for the Marketplace is 39-feet plus 10 feet of architectural elements, making the total height 49-feet. Currently, the Dick’s Sporting Goods building is 49-feet. The entertainment area and garden apartments we are requesting both fit within PAD height requirements. The hotels would be 49-feet and the podium apartments would be both 62-feet (4-story) and 74-feet (5-story) with the ability to have loft units on the 5 th floor extending 5 to 6 feet above the 74-foot predominant height.
What else is this height in Oro Valley?

Oro Valley Hospital is both 75-feet and on a higher elevation than the Oro Valley Village site location. In addition, the Town has approved two other buildings for 75-feet, Oracle east side and Nakoma Sky, however they have not been built. In order to obtain approvals for those buildings, the applicant worked with the surrounding neighbors and created viewsheds to show that the height was in an area of the Town for which the impact would be minimized. Town West will be working with the surrounding homeowners associations on similar viewsheds.

It is also important to note that the request for additional height does not set precedent for other areas of the Town. The zoning for the Oro Valley Village Center is a Planned Area Development (PAD), which allows an owner to create site specific zoning. So, these heights would ONLY be permitted at the Oro Valley Village Center. This does not permit additional height in any other Town zones.

Is there a market for hotels?
Yes. Studies and analysis done by both the Town and Town West have shown there is a need for additional lodging. In addition, employers are requesting hotels nearby for their visitors and for conferences.
Won’t this bring more traffic to the area?

A traffic impact analysis was completed when the Marketplace project was first approved. Roadways were constructed assuming the space would consist of ALL retail with customers driving both to and from the Marketplace as their destination.

The vision for Oro Valley Village is to have residents and visitors stay on-site. Hotels and apartments would replace several of the large retail PADs lowering customer traffic around the site, ultimately reducing the previously planned traffic numbers in and out of the site.

The Oro Valley Village plan is to create a pedestrian, bike and multi-modal- friendly environment with both walking and bike paths within the site.

Will there be more bus service?

Development does not control Sun Tran decisions for bus service, however there is currently a bus stop on the property. As demand grows for public transit in the area, frequency should improve to meet the demand.

Parking capacity with new development? The Marketplace was designed with the overall parking to accommodate the additional retail and restaurant development in the undeveloped areas of the project. The current proposal for the Oro Valley Village will displace minimal parking for the entertainment area, and will be able to add a net of 250 parking spaces in the area closest to the Tangerine and Oracle intersection with approvals by the Town and ADOT for parking in those areas. In addition, the apartment and hotel sites will accommodate the parking required for those uses on the site, leaving the existing (and expanded parking described above) for the entertainment and additional retail/restaurant uses.

We live in the desert – is it responsible to have water features for recreational use?

As a local developer, we understand the relationship we have with our water resources and the importance of water in the region and have hired a Water Conservation consultant to work with us on this project.

The Town’s water regulations prohibit fountains and other visual water features but acknowledges recreational water features, when accomplished responsibly, can be a good use. The amount of water features would ultimately be determined with the Town to ensure it is responsible.

It is also important to note that the original Marketplace is recognized as an environmental LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified shopping center. Currently there are a number of underground water cisterns located on the site that collect rainwater which is then used to irrigate on-site. We will continue to work to ensure recyclable water is used where appropriate so as not to use new potable water when it is not needed.

What about the effect of Floodplain?

A benefit of locating needed residential and hospitality on this site is that this property is already graded and accounted for as developable. Therefore, we are not taking natural areas and converting to development.

Floodplain and drainage already assume these areas are being developed and are accommodated for the entire project – nothing being proposed changes this.

How are you going to handle the increased noise?

The Town currently has noise ordinances in place that would be followed. The recreational amenities, which would be the primary outdoor area, are located further away from existing residential.

The closest residence is 1700 feet to the west. The Oro Valley Village boundaries include a wash to the west, Oracle Road to the east, Oro Valley Hospital and other commercial to the north and more commercial to the south.

How is this a sustainable development?

Oro Valley Village is an infill project, in other words we are developing in an area with existing infrastructure, planned for growth and already designed for development.

This Marketplace is a LEED-certified shopping center. This means it is located near existing infrastructure, provides opportunity for multi-modal transportation (bus stop/bike path/pedestrian connectivity) and employs other sustainable building techniques. There are large underground cisterns to collect rainwater that are used to irrigate landscaping. We will continue the water harvesting for new buildings.

The Marketplace built the segment of the Loop along the edge of the property and restored the Big Wash. Oro Valley Village plans to enhance the pedestrian connectivity in the project by adding pedestrian walk-throughs and adding residential and visitor lodging creating a true village center where people live, work and play ultimately reducing vehicle trips. What is the positive tax revenue? Town West is having an economic analysis done for the Oro Valley Village and will share that with the Town and post on the website once it is complete.

What is the timing for this development? What would be built first?

We expect the entitlements to take until the end of February 2022 and we hope to start construction end of 2022. The goal would be to start development with the Luxury Garden Apartments and Hotel along Tangerine in conjunction with the entertainment area and Oasis Park. Construction could take up to 18 months.

What are the lighting impacts on our night sky?

Southern Arizona and the Town of Oro Valley have very strict Outdoor Lighting Codes. This project has complied with those requirements and will continue to comply. The requirements include ensuring light bulbs are a certain number of lumens and light spectrum, that all lights be cut-off and/or meet the lumen requirements for a project, and that light spillover onto adjacent parcels does not occur.

What other successful projects have been done by Town West Realty?
Town West is a 40-year old, family owned business homegrown in Southern Arizona. We have developed and managed an entire portfolio of projects. A few projects to highlight include Plaza del Oro Shopping center at Oracle and Orange Grove and Oracle Crossings at Oracle and Suffolk in Oro Valley. Town West developed Radiology Limited/Arizona Oncology at 6 th and Wilmot, Sam Hughes Place at 5th and Campbell and also owns Joesler Village at the northwest corner of Campbell and River. To see other projects, you can visit